Our goal is to cultivate students who are deeply rooted in God's truth and who are equipped to live well. We have developed our curricular program to match the needs of the whole student - mind, body, and spirit.

Our Curricular Goals
What We Aim to Cultivate
Wonder. Engagement. Calling. Together, these three words express our heart for every student in every classroom at GCA; individually, these words also distinctively capture the focus of each specific division of our school: elementary, middle, and high.


natural curiosity &
joy in lifelong learning



meaningful interaction &
relational application



purposeful conviction &
missional pursuit

Building from students' natural awe of God’s creation and their genuine excitement in discovery, we welcome inquiry and aim to foster curiosity as two of the primary tools of authentic learning. We want our students to behold truth and beauty--to stand amazed at God’s creation, to be awed by the work of God throughout history, and to revel in rich, captivating language and art. We capitalize on students' innate sense of wonder as together we inquire, explore, and build a strong foundation for lifelong learning.
No test grade, GPA, or scholarship can motivate or inspire action like a genuine sense of calling can. When students understand themselves in light of their Creator's design, they realize they're called to do much more with information than simply consume it. Education should facilitate a life of fruitful service. Given the time, space and guidance to explore how they're specifically gifted for a unique work in this world, students grow in skill and passion as they use their studies to pursue their God-given purpose.

People learn by doing. We can fill our heads with thousands of facts, but if we can't critically analyze, practically apply, and generally make sense of that information in a meaningful way, we haven't truly learned. We believe that authentic learning happens when students dive deep, get their hands dirty, wrestle with ideas, and pursue interests. It happens when they make connections, have freedom to revise, and see their ideas in action. We're cultivating proactive, informed problem-solvers...
not passive desk-sitters.
Our Model
Finding the Best Balance
Discover how we facilitate a creative, yet disciplined environment where students can truly thrive!
  1. Academic Content & 21st Century Skills
    Academic Content & 21st Century Skills
    The traditional disciplines all find their place, but depth of learning and development of life skills are prioritized as worthy curricular values.
  2. Traditional Assessments & Revisionist Culture
    Traditional Assessments & Revisionist Culture
    We encourage a growth mindset that views assessments as tools for teachers and students to utilize in the journey toward mastery of content and skills.
  3. Direct Instruction & Project Based Learning
    Direct Instruction & Project Based Learning
    Explicit teaching provides students with foundational skills and is paired with highly integrated, hands on, and inquiry-driven project learning.
  4. Course of Study & Personalized Learning Plans
    Course of Study & Personalized Learning Plans
    Within an organized scope and sequence, there's freedom for each student to have a unique learning experience that meets their specific needs.

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Our Schedule
Creating Time & Space for Deeper Learning

Morning Devotions/Bible Class

The afternoons at Grove are a time when longer and more integrated class blocks allow students freedom to explore and make meaningful connections across discplines. 

With history and science at the core, students still get the necessary academic content as they build important life skills in the learning process.

We tackle complex topics and call students to work together, solve problems, and engage the community. Our aim is to cultivate students who are​​​​​​ built up in creativity and calling.

"Rooted" Mornings


Mornings at GCA are a time for building both devotion and discipline as we cultivate students who are​​​​​​​ rooted deeply in truth and in their core set of knowledge and skills.

Across divisions, we start each day with the study of God's Word. Morning classes focus on building foundational skills in Language and Mathematics. Teaching is often more explicit and classrooms may look more "traditional," although our students are always actively engaging with content through inquiry and application.

Reading and math instruction is differentiated to meet students' needs based on ability - not just age.

Elementary: ELA
Middle & High: Spanish

{ Lunch & Rec }

Humanities Block
History spine with integration of English/Lit, Art, Government/Civics, Culture, Geography, Philosophy & Biblical Worldview

STEM Block
Science spine with integration of Technology, Engineering, Math, Design, Ethics & Biblical Worldview

"Built Up" Afternoons

School Wide Learning Objectives

The 6 C's: Transferable Skills for Life

In addition to the academic standards guiding our course development at Grove, we have also chosen 6 C’s as our overall learning goals. Our teachers coach students toward these objectives from Kindergarten through their Senior year. 

We desire to see each of our students demonstrate significant growth in the following areas:

Critical Thinking

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