The world needs prepared, passionate young people who are ready to make an impact as creative problem solvers & compassionate citizens.

For the sake of this generation of students, we are willing
to think outside of the box when it comes to how we teach and learn at Grove.

Our Guiding Pillars

Grove's Essential Values

Facilitating meaningful relationships that consistently point students toward knowing, loving, and showing Christ
Teaching and learning through the lens of Scripture and always in light of (and in response to) the gospel
Functioning as a support for families, honoring family time, and recognizing parents as the child's primary authority
Emphasizing this as a biblical response to all of life, essential especially to a Christ-centered learning process
Acknowledging the student as more than just an academic learner, but rather as a whole and complex person - mind, body, and spirit
Engaging beyond the walls of the school and representing local diversity within them as well

Grove's Distinctives

What Sets Us Apart

  1. Active Learning
    At Grove, students are encouraged to engage deeply with their studies and do more with information than simply consume and regurgitate it.

    A school wide emphasis on student agency and cross-curricular values (the 6 C's) set the foundation for project work and active learning that's guided by standards, but often fueled by students' own inquiry. 
  2. College Prep
    Grove is a place where students become lifelong learners, understand more about their own strengths and giftings, master 21st century transferable skills, and gain practical experience (think professional shadowing/internships).

    Our students will be well prepared for college, but the ultimate goal is ​​​life prep.

  3. Relational School Culture
    To learn is to grow. It is central to what it means to be human. Grove is a place that prioritizes ​​​people in the learning process.

    We commit to small class sizes, establish intentional mentor relationships for our students, and allow teachers the freedom to make adjustments in order to maximize students' strengths and acknowledge their interests.
  4. Meaningful Assessments
    Authentic learning cannot always be measured by a grade on a test. Therefore, we use a variety of formative and summative assesments (including, but not limited to testing) to move students toward the ultimate goal of mastery. 

    Emphasis is placed on revision and application, with students receiving feedback throughout their learning process and always being encouraged to make improvements.
  5. Creative, Yet Disciplined Environment
    At Grove, freedom to explore, innovate, and create is paired with an organized, well-designed course of study.

    High expectations for mature student behavior and quality student work lead to a culture where success is celebrated, but never at the expense of joy in learning. Creativity and discipline are not mutually exclusive.
  6. ​Highly
    Integrated Content
    Siloed "subjects" do not accurately reflect the reality of a complex world. Therefore, our curricular plan has been developed with a focus on helping students make meaningful connections across disciplines.

    Integrated courses encourage deeper learning and an understanding of the real world application of content --
    all with a focus on cultivating critical thinking skills. ​​

Portrait of a Graduate

The Measure of Our Success

Our approach to educating is a reverse-engineered process that ​​​​​starts with our end goals in mind. What, why, and how we teach are all based on our desire for every Grove graduate to be:

Academically well-prepared for higher education and/or life beyond the classroom

Immersed in the Gospel and the reality of their daily need for a Savior

Committed to acquiring wisdom as a lifelong pursuit

Ready to address life's challenges with grace and wisdom

Intellectually engaged in and passionate about a specific area/s of study

Able to profess, share, and defend their faith in Christ

Characterized by compassion and a heart to serve others

Effective servant leaders, ready to impact the world around them

​​​Powerfully impacted by both educational experiences and mentor relationships

Committed to using technology with discipline and discernment

Confident and relationally mature, able to engage well with others

Good stewards of their time and talent

Personally motivated, but ready to collaborate with others toward shared goals

Articulate and effective communicators
Known for thinking both creatively and critically

Aware of their unique giftedness and prepared to pursue their God-given calling

Substantially committed and involved in an area of service

Equipped to ​​​ Live Well